During the Shelf Residency, each day I created a head piece costume, a different environment, a different world. Each day there was a new environment, the environments often encompassed some kind of tropical holiday and expensive location. Using DIY and train set materials my ideal of what a holiday looks like was transformed and displayed.


Not being able to afford a holiday is something many people struggle with, including myself. There are lots of support networks such as online forums that talk about how to save for a holiday and where to go and what to do on holiday. The online narratives and stereotypical themed holiday music was in cooperated into the daily DIY environments (Holiday worlds). 


Dimensions Variable. Face Paint, Toy Deck Chair, Acrylic Paint, Cardboard, Fake Grass, Tissue Paper, String, Train Set, Toy Car, Plastic Animals, Party Popper, Fabric, Dish Cloth, Water Balloon, Tin Foil, Gold Paper.