Frankenstein is the first solo exhibition of artist Campbell Mcconnell. In homage to Mary Shelley’s seminal work, Mcconnell will re enact the book’s pivotal scene; when Frankenstein’s monster comes alive. With the help of actors, installation, sculptures.


Like the rogue scientist in their shed, Mcconnell’s laboratory is instead a garage turned gallery, his ‘scientific’ equipment is a facade; handmade, simulated and unfit for purpose. It is all a theatrical charade, much like the anatomy theatre of Shelley’s era, where animal parts were animated through electrical shocks with the claims they were being brought back to life. 200 years later there is technology which is being theorised and potentially developed, that imagines a type of digital resurrection using data from the deceased. Dimensions Variable. Wood, Mod Rock, Slinky's, Water Cooler, Water, Cardboard, Keyboard's, Chain's, Dust Sheet, Glass Jugs, Trolley, Vitamin Tablets, Water Jet, Clear PVC Tubing, Mouth Wash. Actors: Maria Bălăşoiu, Katie Handley, Silja Susilahti, Sophie Scannell, Jordan Mckenzie. Photos by Livi Winchester.